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[An artist in New York

The studio
In the first photo we see the artist and educator John A. Hiigli at the camera in his studio, in New York. Hiigli is currently working on a description of the Block System he patented in the early 90's. Geometric building block system employing sixteen blocks, eight each of only 2 tetrahedral shapes, for constructing a regular rhombic dodecahedron: (Granted 4/5/93: #5,249,966).

This picture shows two 4 Frequency Tetrahedrons. Hiigli is working on a detailed description of the color system and is also developing a simplified version of the system to be used in the pre-school that he and his wife Dominique Hiigli Bordereaux have operated since 1972: Le Jardin a l'Ouest.

This photo – taken by Dominique – shows Hiigli photographing simple structures to be used in the curriculum of Le Jardin a l'Ouest: a large duo-tetrahedron, a small duo-tetrahedron, a (two-frequency) tetrahedron, a smaller (two-frequency) tetrahedron, etc. Also visible in the studio are some of the transparent geometric paintings Hiigli is currently working on.

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