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[An artist in New York

On the street
Hiigli also cleans NYC streets in his spare time.

Josephine is one of John Hiigli's favorite students.

John & Dominique Hiigli – co-directors of Le Jardin a l'Ouest, also known as the french-american pre-school. Established in December 1971. Unaffiliated, Independent School for Children 2.6–5 years. John & Dominique both hold Masters Degrees from Bank Street Graduate School of Education. John Hiigli attended the University of Indiana, Empire State College and the New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture. Dominique Bordereaux-Hiigli was born in Compiegne, France. She is an expert in child development, a good dancer, a great cook and a wonderful wife.

John and Dominique have one daughter, Zoe, and a nine year old grandson, Maximus. Zoe built and maintains all three Hiigli web-sites: Jardin Galerie, Le Jardin a l'Ouest and the Johnahiigli.com. John Hiigli's work can also be seen on Facebook and Wikipedia.

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