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[An artist in New York


John Hiigli has always felt an affinity for Janos Saxon Szasz and his work. He has begun using Saxon's Poly-Universe learning materials in the classroom along with the geodesic structures from his 1993 patent. Today he is photographing examples of scale change.

The first image demonstrates scale change for cuboctahedra. The edge-length of the small CUO in the foreground is just half of the edge-length of the two larger CUO in the background.

In the case of the three duo-tetrahedrons exhibited in the edge-lengths decrease each time by half from the largest structure to the smallest.

The third image shows Saxon's Poly-Universe in which edge-lengths are diminished by half, and then half again, for triangles, circles and squares.

Both Hiigli and Saxon Szasz have sought to demonstrate the existence of scale change and celebrate its beauty.

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