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[An artist in New York

New York
For the final series from the NYC artist (John Hiigli) I asked Dominique to take a walk through the park and take a few pictures. She came back with many breathtaking images of Central Park on a warm, beautiful fall day. It was very difficult to choose three but the first is of the Rose Center on the grounds of the Museum of Natural History just a few blocks from our school and residence and just across the street from the entrance to Central Park at 81st street. This three quarter dome sparkles with light morning, noon and night: a light that is always different but always inspiring. It is so very New York!!!

The second image is of the running track around the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir looking back at the beautiful apartment buildings along Central Park West. Dominique & I run this 1.6 mile dirt running track that winds around small pond with iron fence (home to many pigeons, ducks and turtles) at least a few times nearly every week of the year.

The third image is of the baseball field. I chose this picture because most people who never have and probably never will visit NYC think of it as a maddeningly busy, crowded and polluted hell hole, which it can be. But look at this image made in the very heart, the center of it all…and only a few people idly strolling through an almost deserted park in the middle of the day. Only one of the puzzling, enigmatic and contradictory facts of life concerning this amazing city.

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